AfriForum continues with international campaign against expropriation without compensation with handovers to diplomatic missions in South Africa

AfriForum today handed over information regarding land expropriation in South Africa and the civil rights organisation’s concern over government’s intention to legalise expropriation without compensation to various embassies and high commissariats in South Africa. This was done to ask for the support of the relevant countries against suchlike expropriation processes.

The more than 50 diplomatic missions that were contacted or visited include those of the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Namibia, Botswana, Australia, Singapore, the Netherlands, Belgium, India, as well as other big trading partners of South Africa and countries known for taking a strong stance for the protection of private property rights.

In the presentation to the embassies and high commissariats, AfriForum makes it clear that the organisation wants to make sure that South Africa will continue receiving foreign investments, that the economy must grow as well as job opportunities and opportunities for sustainable wealth creation for everyone in the country. Should private property rights however be threatened or abolished, it can lead to a disastrous economic collapse, something that needs to be prevented at all costs.

Today’s action forms part of a comprehensive international campaign. Kallie Kriel, AfriForum’s CEO, and Ernst Roets, the organisation’s Deputy CEO, is also currently visiting the USA to conduct talks over there with opinion makers in this regard. Furthermore, visits to Australia, Europe and Britain will also take place soon.

The short memorandum on land expropriation that was today handed over to the diplomatic missions is attached hereto. A more comprehensive report on land in South Africa, as seen from a geospatial perspective, can be consulted here: AfriForum – Land and land reform.

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