AfriForum launches international petition against property rights threat in South Africa

The civil rights organisation AfriForum will today launch a website where members of the public can support a petition aimed at encouraging governments and foreign investors to place pressure on the South African government not to continue with expropriation without compensation.

This action arises from the recent approval of a motion in parliament that began a process to amend the South African Constitution to bring about expropriation without compensation.

Ernst Roets, Deputy CEO of AfriForum, says that a memorandum will be directed at the international society in which foreign investors are warned that their investments in South Africa are not safe.

“In order to illustrate the extent of the crisis, we encourage the public to add their names to the petition and to advise their friends, family and colleagues to do the same.”

Roets explains that the motion to expropriate land without compensation is based on a contortion of the past and that it is an application of ideological principles that led to depression, poverty and starvation worldwide.

“The cornerstone of economic growth is property rights. There are a lot of better ways to promote economic growth in South Africa. As such there are also more efficient ways to ensure that black people own more land – to the extent to which there is a need therefore.”

Roets adds that AfriForum is aware of the fact that this petition can be regarded as a drastic step, but that it is a vital last alternative to prevent the South African government – by means of property rights disparagement – from destroying the country’s economy to the detriment of everyone in the country.

Sign the petition at www.expropriation.co.za.

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