Farm murders and expropriation without compensation in the spotlight on Fox News

Fox News, the largest television news channel in the USA, aired an interview with Ernst Roets, Deputy CEO of AfriForum, last night in which farm murders and the South African government’s plan regarding expropriation without compensation was placed in the spotlight.

On the programme Tucker Carlson Tonight, which is aired during peak time in the USA, Roets told the presenter, Tucker Carlson, that the South African government must be viewed as complicit in farm murders due to several reasons. Roets referred to the research he conducted for his book Kill the Boer and specifically referred to the deprioritisation of farm murders, the creation of a hostile political climate towards white farmers in particular and hate speech against farmers. Roets also stated that the government is naïve if they believe that expropriation without compensation will transform South Africa into the “garden of Eden” as recently alleged by President Cyril Ramaphosa. Roets alluded further to the threat from David Mabuza, Deputy President, that there will be a “violent takeover” in South Africa should white people not agree to hand over their property to black people. Roets referred to the failures of similar economic policies in Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia and China and said that the South African government believes that they can do the same, but that the outcomes would be different.

After the interview Roets said that the interview was a big breakthrough and that AfriForum has been inundated with messages of support – from within South Africa and abroad. “We believe that this interview will have an enormous impact to place continued pressure on the South African government to respect property rights and prioritise farm murders,” says Roets.

As the largest television news channel in the USA, approximately 100 million households in the USA have access to Fox News. The channel is broadcasted in 86 countries.

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